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The fields of evolutionary biology, developmental biology and ecology are moving ever closer together into the newly synthetic field of Evolutionary and Ecological Developmental Biology, or "Evo-Devo-Eco." Advances in this field rely heavily on technology transfer, particularly on the modification of protocols originally developed for traditional laboratory model organisms. At present, insufficient networking often leads laboratories working on new or emerging model organisms to inefficient duplication of effort when developing new protocols for use in their systems. We have therefore created an Evo-Devo-Eco Network (EDEN).

The major aims of EDEN are the following:

  1. To fund active interchange of tools and techniques among labs working on emerging model systems. To find out how to apply for a research exchange grant, click here.
  2. To fund undergraduates in the field of Evo-Devo-Eco with an emphasis on emerging model systems. To find out how to apply for an undergraduate internship, click here.
  3. To document the tools and techniques being used in these organisms and make them publicly available for future users. To see protocols developed by EDEN members, click here.
  4. To promote interactions across the Evo-Devo-Eco community through conference funding and the sponsorship of workshops. To find out about upcoming workshops, click here.

The EDEN Research Coordination Network has the overarching goal of facilitating new support networks and collaborations among labs that do not currently enjoy the large community resources of traditional model species. These labs are highly variable in their membership, resources, and biological questions. At the same time there is an enormous untapped potential for the exchange of techniques, ideas, and knowledge that we hope will flow not just from established models to lesser-known systems, but also from the unique biology exposed by lesser-known systems to traditional models.

News & Events:

A New Professional Society has emerged to serve the needs of the Evo-Devo-Eco community! The PanAmerican Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology emerged from an NSF-sponsored workshop held in NESCent in December 2014. Learn more about how you can get involved in the new Society, and what it can do for you, here.

Are you an undergraduate student interested in gaining research expereince in the fields of ecological and developmental evolutionary biology? Apply now for our 2014 EDEN Summer Undergraduate Internship competition! Deadline: March 11, 2014

Are you a graduate student, postdoc or faculty member wishing to visit a collaborator's lab to pursue your evo-devo-eco research? Apply now for our Spring 2014 EDEN Research Exchange Grant competition! Deadline: April 30, 2014

Click here to see the proposals that were awarded in our Fall 2014 EDEN Research Exchange Grants competition!

EDEN now features PROTOCOLS for you to download and use with your emerging model organisms! Click here to access the experimental protocols developed to date by EDEN-funded researchers.

Symposia & Workshops:

EDEN's Second Symposium:

EDEN minisymposium: "Ecological and environmental impacts in the evolution of organismal development"

A Mini-Symposium to be held at the Euro Evo Devo 2014 Meeting, Vienna, Austria, July 22-25, 2014.

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